About Academy

Gen yoga sessions by certified teachers, masters & grand masters only. We provide  the tools you need to upgrade your physical, mental & spiritual life. Yogi goes far beyond physical exercise, we help to awaken your body in yogic lifestyle, meditation and other relaxation techniques that helps to release stress from daily life. We are able to clear blockages and purify your body which help to generate super consciousness related inner energy.

About Pukesh


Hi! I am Pukesh. I started practicing yoga in India. It was wonderful to see how so many people were sitting together to start and take benefits of various yoga & meditation.

This inspired me to practice it, not only for my well being but also to let others know, that there is a way to take care of one's body, outside the gym and that too in open space - that's Yoga & Meditation.

My passion for learning yoga did not stop with me. I love the fact that this has brought me closer to an awesome bunch of people through worldwide. And so today I'm a certified "International Grand Master" Yoga & meditation classes.

I teach various types of yoga such as Pranayama, Anatomy, Meditation, Core Hatha, Yoga Asanas, Mudhras, Mantra Chanting, Kundalini & Chakras Consultation.

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